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Build to Rent Forum Scotland - is a content driven one-day conference bringing together leaders from Public & Private sector. The format is a mix of panel sessions with linked keynote addresses and the opportunity for delegates to interact and participate.

Keynote: Government Minister

A Government Minister will open the conference with a keynote address outlining the Scottish Government’s strategy for Housing, BTR, and associated policy and legislation.

Keynote: ‘market insights - investment’

Overview of the BTR market in Scotland. Who is investing? What models are emerging? What yields are being achieved? What trends are developing?

Keynote: ‘market insights - BTR landscape’

Overview of the BTR market in Scotland. What is happening on the ground? What is driving demand? Where are the market hot spots? What is in the pipeline? What is the scale of the opportunity?

presentation: ‘vital statistics - the rental market’

Overview of the BTR market in Scotland. Driving down into more detail, an opportunity to understand what physical rents are being achieved? Where are the rental hot spots? Where is the growth? What are the trends? What are the forecasts?

‘opportunity knocks - policy & planning’ [Panel session]

The BTR Opportunity Document: Does planning & Policy support BTR, does this go far enough, are local authorities joined up in aligning to planning guidance, are BTR planning applications positively supported, are there still barriers that need to be lifted if BTR is to flourish, what is the experience on the ground?

‘opportunity knocks - investment framework’ [Panel session]

The BTR Opportunity Document: Are BTR schemes in Scotland investable, is present legislation sufficiently supportive of BTR, does the Rental Income Guarantee scheme and LBTT multi-dwelling relief go far enough to level the playing with the rest of the UK?

case study: fountainbridge, edinburgh

An insight into Moda Living’s plans for Fountainbridge, how the scheme has been funded, what models have been adopted, what markets they are aiming at and what the scheme will deliver, how it will be operated.

city leaders - investing in Scottish cities [panel session]

This session will bring together the leaders of Scottish Cities to discuss and understand where BTR fits into City Plans, the relationship between increasing housing supply and economic growth, and the case for investing in each of the Cities represented.

emerging BTR trends - design, technology, operations, branding ...

What is the latest thinking in BTR? There will be four ‘quick fire’ ‘Pecha Kucha’ presentations [20slides x 20 seconds per slide] on a range of key BTR related topics; Design, Technology, Operations, & Branding.

Conference round up - what have we learnt, what next? [panel session]

In this final session, key contributors from the conference will draw conclusions, summarise what needs to happen to move BTR forward and to agree next steps and actions.